1. Unplug your grill!

2. Get access to the auger motor by removing the protective grate or panel that houses the components.

3. Find your auger motor.

4. Cut the zip ties that keep all the wires together. Some of the wires may be tucked into a clip.  Push up on the wires to free them from this clip.

5. Follow the wires that come off the auger motor until you find the white Molex connector.

6. Unplug the Molex connector by pulling it apart from the connector. (Do not pull on the wires)

7. Locate the shear pin. Looking at the motor with the fan pointing to the left, you will see the fan, then the motor, then a shear pin. 

8. Orient the shear pin so that the opening side is either in the 3 o’clock or 9 o’clock position. If the shear pin is not in the proper orientation, then you can turn the fan on the back of the motor to get the pin to move to the correct position.

9. Remove the shear pin.

10. After the pin is removed, pull the auger motor off the auger screw.

11. Install output shaft of new motor into input shaft of auger screw.

12. Align the holes on the output shaft with the holes on the auger screw by spinning the fan on the back of the auger motor until the holes align.

13. Once the holes are aligned, replace shear pin.

14.Connect the Molex connectors from the auger motor to the grill side wire harness.

15. Use a zip tie, tape, or a twist tie to bundle the wires together and tuck them back into the clips.

16. Power on the grill. The auger motor should engage and begin pushing pellets, but keep in mind that the auger only runs for a brief period upon startup.