1. Unplug your grill!
  2. Gain access to the blower fan through the access panel or underneath your grill.
  3. Cut and remove all zip ties to free wires.
  4. Locate the blower fan wires.
  5. Disconnect the blower fan wire at the white Molex connector. *Do not pull by wires*
  6. Remove 4 screws holding blower fan in place.
  7. Align the new blower fan with the wires coming out towards you.
  8. Secure the new blower fan with 4 screws.
  9. Push the blower fan wires back towards the wire bundle.
  10. Locate the purple wire bundle, and re attach with the new blower fan wires.
  11. Make sure none of the wires are obstructing the fan’s blades. Use a zip tie to secure wires.
  12. Plug in and power on grill. The fan should start instantly.
  13. Turn the grill off and unplug after testing.
  14. Reattach the access panel to your grill (if applicable).