Welcome to recteq! Now that you have assembled your grill, there is one last step before you can start wowing your family and guests. It is called the "Burn In". Once you have completed this step, you will be ready to cook!

- First, we recommend that you remove the cooking grate and wash it with

mild soap and water.

- Next, fill your pellet hopper at least halfway. The pellets are the fuel for the fire.

- Place a small handful of pellets in the Fire Pot. Do not overfill. Do not obstruct the air-holes, as fire needs oxygen. The purpose of this is to "prime" the Fire Pot. When a grill is brand new the auger tube is devoid of pellets (fuel). This step will allow the grill to start a fire as the auger pushes pellets toward it. You will not have to repeat this step UNLESS you run the grill completely out of pellets.

- Place the deflector, drip pan (If applicable) and cooking grate(s) in their proper positions.
Close the lid.

- Power on the grill and dial the SET TEMP to 400*F.

At this point the blower fan will engage. You should be able to hear it, and it may pulse from time to time. This is normal.
The igniter will begin to heat up and will ignite the pellets.
The auger will begin to push fuel towards the Fire Pot. The auger does not run continuously. The PID controller runs the auger as fuel is needed.
At this point, you may see some white smoke. This normal during start up.
The grill may also go past the SET TEMP briefly, This is normal during the burn in. Give it 20-25 minutes to settle at 400*F.

- Once the grill settles at 400*F, let it cook for one hour. This will provide a final cure and remove any residue that may accumulated during manufacturing and shipping.

- Time to start cooking!