Cleaning the Interior:


Drip Pan:


  1. The drip pan should be cleaned of grease regularly (4-5 cooks). If you notice any grease build up prior to starting your recteq, you should thoroughly clean your drip pan. It is also advised to clean your drip pan any time you are going to exceed 300 degrees.
  2. If you foil your drip pan, remove and replace it regularly (4-5 cooks).
  3. If you do not foil, use a firm and flat tool to scrape off any excessive grease.


Cooking Grates:


  1. Any grill grate brush should do the trick. If you are going to use a metal wire brush, ensure that it is higher quality, so no stray metal wires break free of the brush.


Fire Pot:

  1. The fire pot should be cleaned out every 4-5 cooks or after 20 hours of total cooking time. Once the grill has cooled, scoop out or vacuum any excess ash buildup within the fire pot.


Ash in the Barrel:


  1. A thick layer of ash in the bottom of the barrel has several benefits. It is recommended to only clean out this ash 1-2 times a year.




  1. The hopper should be cleared of pellets and cleaned out after roughly 4-5 bags of pellets. You can accomplish this by running your recteq completely empty and removing any excess pellet dust. A shop vac is not necessary. However, it can be a useful tool to properly clean your hopper.


Vents and Smokestack:


  1. Depending on your model, you will want to properly clean out the vents or the smokestack.
  2. To clean out your vents, use a damp cloth on both the interior and exterior to remove any excess grease or ash build up. This should be done every 2-3 bags of pellets.
  3. The smokestack will not require as much attention, but it is still good practice to check for buildup. Remove any excess grease or ash to ensure proper airflow.





  1. We recommend using Cameo, by Brillo on any exterior stainless-steel surfaces. Follow the proper cleaning instructions on the bottle’s label.
  2. Painted areas should be cleaned with a damp rag. Do not use any caustic or harsh chemical cleaners.
  3. The drip bucket should be cleared and emptied as needed