Receiving an ER-2 means failure to light. You will see this error code if your recteq does not reach 180° within 30 minutes.



  1. Auger Jam/Pellet Bridge - The fuel is unable to reach the fire.
  2. Airflow - Blower fan is not supplying airflow to the fire. 

  3. Igniter Failure - The heating element has failed to start a fire.



  1. If you determine that the auger is not turning or pushing pellets into your firepot, it could be a jammed auger or bridged pellets. Ensure the auger is receiving pellets, and nothing is obstructing the auger.
  2. The blower fan uses a brushless motor. Extended inactivity may cause the fan to stick. If this occurs, manually turn the blower fan blades with a butter knife or screwdriver.

  3. If you can hear your blower fan moving and see your auger pushing pellets, but there is no ignition, the igniter may have failed.


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