Receiving an ER-1 code on your Bullseye or Wi-Fi controller means there has been a Power Failure.

  1. The grill was not turned off properly.
  2. The grill was shut down by your breaker, or GFCI outlet.


  1. Press the power button to clear the code and turn on the grill.
  2. If the grill is tripping your breaker or GFCI outlet, please see [My Grill Keeps Tripping my GFI/Breaker/Will not Power On]


IMPORTANT NOTE: recteq does not advise turning off the grill by unplugging it. Press the power button and allow your recteq to properly shut down as advised in the owner’s [link to manual]. If the grill is not allowed the proper shutdown sequence, hopper fire may occur.

**Disclaimer - If you are using a 680/300 non-WIFI controller - Please refer to the ER-3 article, as these codes are reversed. **