1. Fill a large cup with ice and water, about 3 parts ice to 1 part water. Put your probe(s) into the cup, make sure they are not touching, and leave them in the cup for a few minutes.
  2. Plug the probe(s) into the probe ports on the controller.
  3. Turn on your grill using the controller or app, the probe temperature(s) will show on the display.
  4. Once the temperature(s) have found their lowest reading, adjust them both to 32° by entering the settings function as described below.
  5. To enter the settings function, press and hold the settings button on your controller for 3-5 seconds until 1 AUG ## appears on the screen and then release it
  6. Press the settings button until you see PRB A on the screen, this is Probe A. Adjust the temp using the knob until it reads 32°
  7. Press the settings button again and PRB B will appear, this is Probe B. Use the knob and adjust to 32°
  8. Press and hold the settings button until the controller returns to the main temperature screen. Both probes should both read 32°


Use the same probe in the same port each time for the most accurate results.

If the probes are outside a calibratable range (+/- 15 degrees) please contact customer support.