ER-3: your grill has either had a grease fire, or there is an issue with your RTD connection. You can find more about ER-3 here: ER-3 Guide

If you are receiving lower than expected temperature readings from your RTD probe, check to make sure your RTD probe hasn’t been pushed toward the wall of your grill. If it has been, you can gently pull the probe towards the center of your grill, ensuring it is completely vertical, so that it can better measure the air.

With the grill inactive and fully cooled, open the lid and power it on. If the “Actual Temp” on the display is within 15% of your current ambient temperature, the RTD is reading accurately.  For more information on this topic, click here: [testing article]


If you are receiving abnormally high or low temperature readings on your controller (such as 32 or 700) when turning on the grill, give us a call at 706-922-0890 and a member of our customer service team would be happy to help you.