Live fire requires three key elements: Fuel, oxygen, and ignition. Fuel is one-third of the equation and should not be overlooked. Using high quality pellets that are in good condition is vital for optimal performance of your grill.

For best results, always use premium hardwood pellets. The use of grades other than premium hardwood pellets may result in temperature variations, uneven cooking and poor results.

Pellets should be stored in a dry area, as wet pellets will swell and turn back into sawdust. Remember, pellets do not contain preservatives and will deteriorate over


Ideally, pellets will have a nice sheen and will generally be between 1/2- 3/4 inch in length.

We recommend using pellets no older than 6 months.

If the grill is not to be used for 6 weeks or more, we advise to remove pellets from hopper.

Never let your pellets get wet, they will swell and jam the auger.

Some hardwoods (Apple, Cherry, Mesquite for instance) don't produce high BTUs and it is best to mix them with high BTU hardwoods like Hickory or Oak.

Charcoal pellets burn hot and produce a lot of ash. We do not recommend fueling your grill with charcoal pellets unless you mix a small amount with a hardwood like Hickory or Oak.

Caution: Some wood pellets produced for heating fuel have a high content of softwood which can include pitch and should not be used for cooking. Always check with the pellet manufacturer to ensure that you are cooking with a premium, 100% hardwood pellets