Sear Kits are hard-anodized aluminum grates, that are placed in the right side of the grill, on top of the grill’s grates.  The hard-anodized aluminum allows the sear kit to absorb heat, creating surface temperatures 100-200 degrees hotter than the air temperature of the grill.  This additional surface heat allows for deeper sear texture. and marking when upright. Also, it can be placed upside down to provide a flat cooking surface.


Because the Sear Kit is made of hardened-anodized aluminum, it will not rust.  It is imperative to the cook quality that the sear kit is regularly cleaned.  A grate brush can be used to easily clean the sear panels.  Also, remember to clear the sear panel’s air flow vents of any grease that builds up during use.


One of the easiest ways to quickly season your Sear Kit is to cut an onion (or any allium) in half and rub it against the top of the Sear Kit. When heated, the sulfur compounds in the onion create a smooth and durable coating to the grate surface. Also, the antibacterial properties in the onion help keep the Sear Kit clean. 
Improperly seasoned food will cause food to stick.


When using the Sear Kit, it is imperative that you allow adequate time for the Sear Kit to absorb the necessary heat from the ambient air temperature of the grill. Remember, the Sear Kit utilizes its surface temperature to create the desired sear of your meat. So, allowing the Sear Kit enough time to get to temperature is very important. To test the surface temperature of the Sear Kit, you can use a handheld infrared thermometer.

The Sear Kit functions optimally when it is placed on the right-hand side of the grill and on top of the stainless-steel grates.