recteq uses a center-mounted firepot to ensure there is consistent heat distribution throughout the grill. If you are concerned with inconsistent temperatures across the cooking surface, refer to the guide below.


  1. Airflow – Airflow is the single biggest reason the grill would heat inconsistently from one point to another. If there is greater ventilation on one side of the grill, there will certainly be higher temperatures in that area. BFG’s owners should be mindful of this, having two smokestacks. If a hot spot is suspected, be sure to check the positioning of the smokestack caps. In smaller models be sure to check that the vents are not obstructed by debris or residue.
  2. Missing Components – Ensure that your drip pan and heat deflector are properly installed. Improper placement of either component will cause unintended heat distribution.
  3. Proper Food Placement – The two voids in the front and back of the grill’s cooking chamber (both in front of, and behind the drip pan) are where the air currents flow. Placing food directly over them will cause it to cook faster. When placing food on the grill, especially foods higher in fat, be mindful to place over the drip pan as much as possible.
  4. Meat Variables – Any Pitmaster will tell you that not one piece of meat cooks the same every time. Large proteins cook based on size, fat content, muscle density, diet, and even how they were butchered. If two equal sized proteins cook at varied rates, it is likely due to a variable in the meat rather than a hot spot.