If you are worried your grill is running hot, follow the guide below:


  1. Always follow the Actual Temp, displayed on your controller screen. If you are using a third-party probe to test temperatures, you will always see a disparity in the two readings. Here is a guide to testing the grills temp and the difference between RTD’s and Thermocouple probes: Testing Temperatures Guide
  2. If you are cooking at low temperatures in an extremely hot climate, you may see the grill struggle to hold lower temps. If this is the case, call customer support, and we will advise on minimum feed rate settings. *Adjusting feed rate without speaking to a specialist may cause further, unintended temperature problems
  3. If you are cooking at high temperatures and the grill is several hundred degrees higher than your set point, there may be a grease fire. Do not panic, keep the lid shut, and allow the grease to burn off safely.


  • In all cases of temperature variations, it is important to leave the lid closed, and allow your PID controller to level the temperature itself. Opening the lid will cause the controller to overcompensate for heat loss.


  • In grease fire situations, opening the lid will introduce unwanted oxygen to the fire.