1. Leave it alone! Often, the human variable is the root cause of temperature issues. For instance, you see your recteq running a little hot, so you want to lift the lid to let out some heat. This does more harm than good by tricking your controller into thinking it has suddenly dropped in temp without explanation. The controller knows what parts to run to bring temperature back under control. It does not know what you are doing to cause temperature disparity.


  1. Check the length of your pellets. If you see pellets longer than 1½ inches, this can create a pellet bridging effect which may result in inconsistent pellet feeding. ½" - ¾" is the optimal pellet length.


  1. Feed rate will not have a large role to play in temperature fluctuations, assuming you live in relatively normal weather conditions. Abnormal conditions would be temperatures above 100 degrees and temperatures below 20 degrees. If you believe that feed rate is playing into your temperature issues, please contact recteq customer support.


  1. Airflow will influence how your fire performs. Ensure that nothing is impeding the flow of smoke and heat. Examples would include:


      • Gaskets around the lid
      • Poor foil application on the drip pan
      • Third-party accessories


  1. Low-quality or old pellets may result in abnormal temperatures. If you haven’t already, be sure to use premium 100% hardwood pellets. If your pellets are older than 6 months, clear out your hopper and replace with a fresh bag.


  1. We are putting this twice because it is so important. Leave it alone! Often, the human variable is the root cause of temperature issues. It really comes down to trusting your grill. When in doubt, give it a little more time.