When to Use:

The cover is best used while the grill is cool and is designed to prevent inclement weather from affecting your grill. It is important to take off the cover before turning on the grill. Leaving it on will result in damage to the cover and grill. You will want to cover the grill if you’re storing it for long periods of time. 



The cover for the recteq is designed to fit very snug to the body of the grill, and buckle around the legs. Because of this, it may seem that the cover is too tight for the model. Rest assured; the cover will fit the grill for which it is designed. The easiest way to put it on is to start with the controller side of the grill. Once it is fully on, it should hang down over the top of the grill like a glove, and have a skirt-like opening at the bottom near the wheels.