• The Instant Read Thermometer is designed to read internal food temperatures, it is not designed to check the temperature of the grill.
  • The buttons from left to right are “power”, “c/f”, and “hold”, along with a probe release lever at the end of the tool.
  • Thermometer takes 2 AAA batteries.



  • Press the far-left button to power on the tool.
  • Press and hold the far-left button to power off the tool
  • The thermometer will power down on its own if no buttons are pressed after two minutes. 



  • Press the middle button for Fahrenheit or Centigrade for temperature reading.
  • To calibrate your thermometer, use a cup with 3 parts ice and 1-part cold water. Insert the prob tip into the center of the ice. Press and hold the C/F (middle) button for 5 seconds until the screen shows “CAL”. The thermometer will start calibration at a range from -3C/+26.6F to a +2C/+35.6F to an accurate 0C/+32F.



  • Press the far-right button once to hold the temperature recorded.
  • Press the far-right button again, to un-hold.


Probe Release:

  • For safety purposes, the tool has a “probe release” button. This button should be pressed each time you would like to release the probe from the tool. When closing the probe back into the tool, make sure it falls all the way in, and locks.


Inserting the batteries:

  • Open the door on the side of the tool and insert the batteries that came in the package.
  • When the voltage on the battery is low, a low battery indicator will show up on the screen letting you know it’s time to replace the batteries.


Safety tips:

  • Do not touch probe with finger after use to avoid burns
  • Do not put the thermometer inside an oven or microwave. Always keep it at least 6” away from any heat source.
  • Thermometer is made for INSTANT MEASUREMENTS only.
  • Do not use probe over 572F, or over a direct flame. Doing so will have the screen show “hi” and eventually damage the probe.
  • Use a damp cloth to clean probe AFTER the probe is no longer hot.
    Do not use any chemical cleaner on the thermometer.
  • The instant read thermometer is meant only for food.