Seasoning Instructions:


  1. Wash the griddle with mild soap and a sponge on all sides, to remove any manufacturing grease and/or dirt.

  2. Add the griddle to a cold recteq and set the temperature to 200° degrees for 2 hours.

  3. Increase the set temperature to 400° degrees and rub the griddle with grapeseed oil using a clean, lint free towel. It’s easiest to use tongs to hold the towel and ensure that there are no puddles of oil. You want a nice, light layer.

  4. Repeat this process every 30 minutes until the griddle is fully seasoned, black, and the surface has a shiny/slick surface. This process can take up to 5-6 applications of grapeseed oil. Extra time spent here will pay off in the long run. Don’t rush this process. If your griddle is silver or grey, the seasoning process is not complete, and you will need to repeat this step. 

  5. Your griddle is now seasoned and ready for use.


Griddle Cooking Instructions:


  1. Always pre-heat your griddle along with your recteq. Never place a cold griddle into a hot grill. Letting the metal heat and expand slowly, with your grill, will combat warping.

  2. If you are cooking excessively fatty food and need to remove excess grease, it is easiest to use paper towels and tongs to soak up and remove the grease.
 Never attempt to carry or move a hot griddle with grease. 

  3. Allow the griddle to pre-heat. It is a thick, heavy griddle and will take time to come to temperature.
  4. If cooking multiple items, allow the griddle to recover some heat in between batches.


Griddle Maintenance & Storage:


  1. In between uses, store griddle lightly oiled, in a cool and dry place. Essentially, you will want to treat your griddle like a cast iron pan.
  2. For stubborn stuck-on debris, you can heat your recteq to 200° degrees. Using some coarse kosher salt and a towel, simply rub the debris loose. Wipe the griddle with a towel to clean, and re-season if necessary.

  3. Griddles that are not oiled and left in the elements will rust. If rusting occurs, you can remove with a mild detergent and/or scrubbing with coarse kosher salt. It is recommended that you then follow the steps to re-season the griddle. 

  4. You may clean the griddle with soap and water. After ensuring that the griddle is completely dry, heat your griddle and apply a thin layer of grapeseed oil.