Hotspot Test:

Generally, when a controller is having trouble connecting to an existing network, it’s not a bad idea to question the integrity of the Wi-Fi chip on the board itself. Luckily, there is a very easy way to test a controller's functionality. Grab a friend/family member and have them set up a mobile hotspot from their device. The hotspot is naturally and exclusively a 2.4ghz signal.

Note: If that device is an iPhone 12 or above, when you are turning the hotspot on, make sure the ‘maximize compatibility’ setting is on as well.

Ideally, we want to set the phone on the side shelf, or on top of the hopper during the hotspot test. Once connected to the new 2.4ghz hotspot network, go through the Wi-Fi setup process once more. If the connection process goes through successfully, the controller is operating properly, and the problem stems from the home network. Although the answer isn’t always signal strength, it is one of the leading causes for connection failure/inconsistent app performance.

If it doesn't connect, try downloading the app on the other phone. Turn your phone's hotspot on and connect the other phone to that hotspot. Try connecting the grill again. This will ensure it is not a phone issue as well. If you are not able to complete a successful hotspot test on either phone, please call us at 706-922-0890.