The light on the controller is only capable of a few different states. Understanding these will help troubleshoot the connection process.

Fast Blink:

When the light is blinking 2x a second, it is ready to be connected. The fast blink doesn’t do anything aside from awaiting a connection process. This is always the state you want when starting a connection process.

Slow Blink:

The slower blink (1 blink per 2 seconds) is mainly used to verify antenna strength, along with finding the MAC address of the controller. You will never be able to successfully connect a grill while the state is at a slow blink.
To find the MAC address, navigate to >Settings>Wi-Fi and you should see a network with the name ‘Smart Life’. Tap on the information button on the right side of the network, and you will see a listed MAC Address, along with signal strength. (The light must be in a slow blink)


Whenever you see the red light is not active at all, the Wi-Fi indicator button will need to be held for ~5 seconds to achieve a blinking state. If the light starts blinking, and it’s not the state you need, simply hold the button for another ~5 seconds and it will change accordingly.


Successful Connection

Note: If you have a solid red light, but do not have the grill available under the control tab, please contact one of our Wi-Fi technicians at 706-922-0890.