Walk-Away Method/Distance Test:

To perform this test, we want to make sure our phone is connected to the 2.4ghz network being produced by our home network. Because mesh networks by nature cannot be split easily, if at all; we have a straightforward method that doesn’t require messing with any equipment settings.

First, get an idea of where the fringe of our network coverage is. You can do this by slowly walking away from your home/router and closely monitoring the Wi-Fi signal on your mobile phone. Once you notice the signal has become weak, (1-2 bars) or has dropped Wi-Fi completely, the phone will begin searching for the 2.4 signal. By nature, 2.4ghz signals travel much farther than 5ghz, so we’re using a technique to force the device onto the longer distance band.

Make sure the red light on the controller is blinking fast (2x a second). Walk to the fringe of the network, andproceed past step 2 of the connection process while standing at a distance. (Step 2 is where you have your network and password listed) This may take a few tries. If for some reason you still can’t connect, give us a call at 706-922-0890 and one of our Wi-Fi technicians will be happy to get you connected.

Note: Some mesh networks use satellites that are only 5ghz capable, with the main router being 2.4 and 5.0ghz. In this scenario, investigate a cheap 2.4ghz extender to help extend the existing 2.4ghz band from the router. For more info on extenders, please reference our article on extenders.