1. With the grill OFF, press and hold the Up Arrow and Temp Display at the same time until a number appears. Your red light should be over Set Point. This is the Minimum Feed Rate Setting. (The ranges of the minimum feed rate on the Bullseye Controllers are 5 – 250, however, they should never be set under 30 or over 65 without first talking with customer support)
  2. Press the Temp Display button and the red light will move over Actual. The screen should read 0. This is the Offset feature. (Offset ranges are +20 and – 20 but should never move from 0 unless advised by customer support)
  3. Press Temp Display again and the red light will move to Meat, this is the Meat Probe Calibration.  (Meat Probe ranges are +10 and – 10) Use the Up and Down arrows to adjust all the settings.
  4. Pressing the Temp Display button continuously will cycle between these three screens in a loop. 
  5. To exit settings, simply press Power.


NOTE: No settings should be adjusted outside of the factory set parameters, until you first speak with a recteq Customer Service Associate. Changing the setting can and will affect the way the grill operates. Furthermore, Feed Rate does in no way affect how fast or slow the auger turns. It is rather a frequency setting. All recteq auger motors are single speed.