1. With the grill OFF, press and hold the Temp Display button and the Down Arrow at the same time, until 8888 appears on the screen. Once it does, let go.
  2. Press Temp Display and your software version will appear.
  3. Press Temp Display to see 5-1.
  4. Press the Power Button to see 5-2.
  5. Press the Down Arrow to see 5-3.
  6. Press Up Arrow to see 5-4.
  7. Press Temp Display to see IGN. You are now in Test Mode (The Ignitor takes 90 seconds to start glowing – DO NOT TOUCH THE IGNITOR ROD TO TEST FUNCTIONAILTY)
  8. Press Temp Display to see AUG (the auger runs very slowly and may appear not to be moving at first glance – DO NOT PUT FINGERS ON OR NEAR THE AUGER TO TEST FUNCTIONALITY)
  9. Press Temp Display to see FAN.
  10. Press Temp Display to see Meat Probe Temperature.
  11. Press Temp Display to see BYE
  12. Press Temp Display once more to go to the OFF position. The screen will be blank.


NOTE: Test Mode should only be used to check whether a part is functioning. If there is a part of your grill not functioning, contact support. You may be asked to verify with a representative through another test to be sent warranty parts.