1. Press and hold the up arrow and Extreme Smoke button at the same time. After a few seconds, the lights on the display will start rotating. At this point the buttons can be released.
  2. Press and release the power button 5 times, and the screen will display 5-2.
  3. Press the up arrow once.
  4. Press the down arrow once.
  5. Press the temp display button once.
  6. Press the Extreme Smoke button. and the blower fan should start running.
  7. Press the Extreme Smoke button, and the igniter will turn on. (Ignitors should take 90 seconds to start glowing – DO NOT TOUCH THE IGNITOR TO TEST FUNTIONALITY)
  8. Press the Extreme Smoke button, and the auger will start turning. (Auger motors turn very slowly and may appear to not function at first glance – DO NOT PUT FINGERS ON OR NEAR AUGER BLADE TO TEST FUNCTIONALITY)
  9. To exit test mode, press the Extreme Smoke button repeatedly, until you see the word “bye”.
  10. The screen will go dark after a few seconds.


NOTE: Test Mode should only be used to check whether a part is functioning. If there is a part of your grill not functioning, contact support. You may be asked to verify with a representative through another test to be sent warranty parts.